biofit’s nature-first approach is a perfect fit for our new headquarters; together we help clients move more, pain-free, all year round”.

Dr. Kale Matovich, Natural Way

We offer Calgary’s nature-loving locals a unique combination of inner-city convenience, healthy green interior design and natural fitness training”.

Matt Morley, biofit

Biofit Calgary reunites indoor and outdoor worlds to create a training space that is in harmony with nature. The functional interiors use healthy design principles to improve mood, reduce stress levels and provide a greater sense of connection with nature.

The studio features over 100 air purifying plants, natural aromatherapy, circadian lighting, abundant daylight, a humidifier to remove indoor air pollutants, non-VOC cleaning protocols, sound insulating cork panels, upcycled wood and biofit's own acoustic music playlists.

A carefully curated collection of training equipment is all made of natural materials such as pine, cherry wood, leather and cotton, including leather Bulgarian bags; a WaterRower; wooden stall bars, push-up bars and gymnast rings; wood-handle Nohrd swing bells; natural fibre climbing rope and vintage leather head guards, boxing bag and medicine balls.

55-minute Personal (1-on-1) and Small Group Training (2-6 clients) sessions focus on movements not just muscles, skill not just sweat. Such small class sizes equate to greater personal attention, meaning every movement can be scaled for different ages and abilities. biofit's signature training style is playful, interactive and designed to engage the brain through mindfulness while delivering strong, lean and agile bodies.

At launch there will be three different classes taught by biofit certified coaches including 4-time Olympic athlete Shannon Rempel and elite movement artist Dejuan Peart:

Movement & Mobility: a slow, low-mid intensity class developing joint mobility, agility, coordination, balance, body control, reaction times, spatial awareness and confidence

Strength: a mid paced, mid-high intensity class using low rep ranges with a focus on quality of movement, combining bodyweight and added resistance for strength gains

Stamina: a fast paced, high intensity, bodyweight only class using high rep ranges with a focus on quantity of movement for cardiovascular benefits and muscle memory 

1st floor, Natural Way Chiropractic, 201 - 3527 18 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 4T9, CANADA.