There should be a harmony between the artificial world, the natural environment, and human beings
— Tadao Ando
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Our green spaces are designed for maximum 'Vitamin Nature' benefits to create a nourishing, evolution friendly oasis in harmony with nature. 

We purify indoor air to remove toxins while adding in healthy negative ions with forest aromatherapy; use circadian wellness lighting to energize by day and improve sleep after dark; prioritize sustainable, non-VOC / non-toxic materials and incorporate as much natural colour, greenery and visual queues as possible, all topped off with our own acoustic music playlists and plants. Many, many plants.

Our design team can conceptualize and deliver a project from start to finish, whether indoor or outdoor, from 50 > 1000 sqm.  

Biophilic gyms are the future
— Globetrender


A way to reunite indoor and outdoor worlds in urban architecture and interiors. Typically found in residential, hotel and office buildings, hospitals and retail stores; biofit is the first to integrate it fully into a gym environment. We use natural plants, textures, colours, visuals, shapes, scents, sounds and materials while avoiding metal machinery and flashing LCD screens to create healthy, green spaces.


Numerous studies have shown that biophilic, nature-inspired and health-oriented interior design principles applied to the workplace give employees an enhanced feeling of wellbeing, increased productivity, enhanced creativity and reduced stress levels while also lowering staff turnover and staff sickness rates. Apple, Amazon and Google are just three of the more prominent early-adopters of this approach. 

In educational environments students have seen increased learning speed in nature-inspired environments, while in healthcare centers patient recovery time has been significantly decreased thanks to views of nature and in retail stores this aesthetic has been shown to boost customer spend and increase dwell time.

We apply these same principles to a gym environment to double-down on the wellness benefits, effectively creating 'exercise squared' for twice the health benefits.