Forget your usual machines, get used to working out on handcrafted equipment made from timber, cotton and rope to shift your calories
— Forbes
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Our class content is designed for the unpredictability of real life in the outside world meaning we train asymmetrically, playing with uneven loads, foot positions and grips as well as interactive partner and group drills that encourage the body to explore its full movement vocabulary. No linear reps and sets, no reclining seats or TV screens. 

When it comes to creating an ideal year-round training facility, a place dedicated to regular practice, we opt for a mix of sandbags, bars, beams, ropes, balls and weights made of premium natural materials sourced from trusted suppliers or, for certain items, made locally using indigenous wood with a carpenter.

By focusing on wood, bamboo, leather, canvas and rubber in our equipment choices, we ensure a cohesive nature gym experience at every touchpoint, ensure students only come into contact with natural materials and create a harmonious colour palette. Eco-friendly cardio/endurance equipment such as rowing machines, treadmills and bikes can also be incorporated on request.


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