This indoor “outdoor” gym heralds a new eco-sensitive movement
— The Times, UK
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Our green exercise environments unite the physiological and psychological benefits of exercise with those of 'Vitamin Nature' to create a nourishing oasis in which to move in ways nature intended using natural equipment. 

We use sound absorbing materials; have our own acoustic music playlists; purify indoor air to remove toxins while adding in healthy negative ions as found in nature; use circadian rhythm lighting so as not to disrupt natural sleep cycles; diffuse essential oils for their forest vitamins; select sustainable, non-VOC materials and incorporate as much natural colour, greenery and visual queues as possible. 

Our design team can conceptualize and deliver a gym project from start to finish, including equipment and landscaping, indoor and outdoor, from 50 > 1000 sqm.  



1. A mindful approach to selecting materials, prioritizing the natural and sustainable wherever possible.

2. An authentic sense of place inspired by each specific location, using indigenous plants, materials, scents and visuals.

3. A gym layout, equipment selection and training focus aligned with the local market and a business’s operational requirements.


1. Create a safe, friendly place of practice, suitable for all ages and abilities, all year round

2. Offer a wide range of equipment in one space for endless variety and increased client motivation

3. A unique, highly engaging proposition that delivers tangible value for both owner and end-user

4. More than two years of research and development lie behind our brand; we are unashamedly niche - we do one thing and we do it well

Biophilic gyms are the future
— Globetrender
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