In January 2017, after two years of research and development, we launched biofit onto the world stage by creating a showroom in London's prestigious Notting Hill district.

Showcasing our bespoke, hand-crafted wooden equipment, the 120sq.m space with 4m high ceilings and abundant natural light was designed by the Lily Jencks studio in London and featured a 7m x 4m forest wall mural, over 200 air-purifying plants suspended from the walls and three different flooring zones for stretching, strength work and movement.

Classes in Movement & Mobility, Strength & Stamina and Play & Fight techniques attracted over 250 clients in the first month, despite the freezing temperatures outside. We hosted numerous corporate groups and team-building sessions for the likes of Planet Organic, local PR agencies and neighboring Monsoon/Accessorize as well as organizing a speaker panel event on the healing power of healthy, natural design in office, home and lifestyle spaces. 

Finally, we commissioned a month-long, scientific research study into the wellness benefits of this unique kind of "indoor green exercise" that was implemented by the UKActive Research Institute, see the full set of results here.