Biophilia: Green gyms could be the key to feel-good fitness
— The Independent, UK


A way to reunite indoor and outdoor worlds in urban architecture and interiors. Typically found in residential, hotel and office buildings, hospitals and retail stores; biofit is the first to integrate it fully into a gym environment. We use natural plants, textures, colours, visuals, shapes, scents, sounds and materials while avoiding metal machinery and flashing LCD screens.


Numerous studies have shown that biophilic design in the workplace gives employees an enhanced feeling of wellbeing, increases their productivity, improves their creativity, reduces anxiety, lowers staff turnover and lowers staff sickness rates (Professor Cary Cooper, Biophilic Design in the Workplace).

In educational environments students have seen increased learning speed (Terrapinn, The Economics of Biophilia), while in healthcare centers biophilic design has reduced patient recovery time (Professor Roger Ulrich) and in retail stores it can boost customer spend (Terrapinn, The Economics of Biophilia). We're applying the same logic to gym design, doubling down on the wellness benefits on offer in the process.