The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson

One of the godfather figures of the West Coast's primal lifestyle movement and arguably one of the better introductions to the topic, Sisson writes with an American chutspah that may grate with some European sensibilities but his enthusiasm ultimately proves infectious. 

Never short of a succinct, easy to grasp breakdown or analogy aimed at the average reader, the Primal Blueprint attempts to explain primal living in ten easy to grasp laws:

1. Eat lots of plants and animals 2. Avoid poisonous things. 3. Move frequently at a slow pace. 4. Lift heavy things. 5. Sprint once in a while. 6. Get adequate sleep. 7. Play. 8. Get adequate sunlight. 9. Avoid stupid mistakes. 10. Use your brain.

These are by now fairly well established tenets but Sisson has been instrumental in popularizing for a mainstream audience what was previously a fairly niche view of the world - that of ancestral or evolutionary health. Say what you like about his use of scientific studies to back up his arguments, credit where it's due, making the subject lighthearted, simple and accessible has made a world of difference to how the primal philosophy is perceived today in the US.

Biofit's class genres follow a largely similar path to that suggested in the Primal Blueprint as we have MOVE, LIFT, SPRINT and PLAY classes. REST is also mentioned, although we interpret that to mean active rest and mobility work as well as actual sleep to RES(E)T the body in between workouts. Sisson avoids the topic of martial arts as he's not a fighter himself but we'd argue for a FIGHT class of skill development and self-defence being as primal an activity as any of the others.

If you're looking for a good, all-round introduction to this theme, we certainly recommend this book. There are more cerebral texts out there but what the heck, it's easy-reading and a great place to start. sign up for his Mark's Daily Apple newsletter and podcast if you like his style.