We design our studios for maximum 'Vitamin N(ature)', ensuring each affiliate benefits from the healing, restorative power of biophilic design combined with healthy design elements all of which helps reduce stress levels and improve mood, whilst clients workout. 


We promote a deep respect for the natural world, offering clients a cohesive value system to connect with, whether they have an interest in outdoor sports, environmental causes or lifestyle choices such as vegan or Paleo diets. This strengthens the client <> studio relationship and reduces turnover rates.


Our generalist, skill-based and tech-free training method is fully scalable for entry level clients right the way through to professional athletes looking to round out their specialist training. We can cater to kids and seniors, there are no mirrors in the gym and no judgements made. Those who turn up for training make progress every darn day, it's as simple as that.


By combining elements of interactive, purposeful play with inspirational natural interiors that stimulate multiple senses, while also avoiding the machinery, mirrors and muscle men that scare many people away from traditional gyms, biofit appeals to a reassuringly wide target audience.


By including fast-mid-slow / heavy-mid-light classes in the weekly schedule, our approach increases the frequency of client visits by offering them a complete fitness program in one location. Rather than going to a yoga studio for mobility work and a high intensity studio for strength and stamina, biofit covers all those bases and more, it has been designed as a complete 360-degree system.


Expert movement coaches, the added health benefits of Vitamin N(ature) in our green gym interiors and the unified aesthetic behind all of our equipment choices means that a biofit experience can command a price premium even while keeping upfront Capex costs to a minimum. 


While a number of suitably nature-inspired treadmills, bicycles and rowing machines do exist on the market today and can make a great addition to some studios, they come with a price tag so our basic equipment package does not include any cardio machinery unless specifically briefed by the affiliate owner. When designing residential and hotel gyms, we would however include these items as a default selection.



Group classes of up to 16 pax can either be sold in multi-packs (5, 10, 25, 50) or as monthly memberships (1,2,3,4, unlimited visits per week). 


When priced correctly, and with the coaching team sufficiently incentivized to sell, one-on-one sessions can be a high-value addition to monthly revenue, often fitting in around peak group classes times. If space allows they can also be delivered at the same time as a group class.


An often neglected sales model, SGT splits the difference between group and personal training, offering an opportunity for friends, couples or those simply with a shared interest in developing a specialist skill to train together each week. They pay less than a PT session but more than a group class.


Weekend workshops are ideal for filling the studio during periods when it might otherwise be under-used. Visiting experts can command a price premium due to limited availability while biofit workshops and certificates offer a chance for clients to deep-dive into the training method.


We work with animals... and kids! The former tend to have no problem keeping fit however so we focus on the little ones that need encouragement to move in a fun, non-judgmental and non-competitive environment. Partner games and interactive play is the key to getting even "unsporty" kids moving.   


Currently under development, our Seniors program focused on key functional skills adapted for a more mature audience, assuming some degree of limited mobility. We explore balance, purposeful play and a range of light resistance exercises to develop bone density and strength in a light-hearted and restorative setting.


Healthy, natural drinks and snacks such as cold-press juices, coconut water and paleo snack bars are easily kept in a small fridge at reception with no need for a kitchen. We recommend including at least this small offering as a minimum, with the option to upgrade to a full biofit health bar when space allows.


We can work with anything from a 50sq.m micro-studio that operates inside another business such as a healthcare centre, to an indoor-outdoor destination gym of 1000sq.m. 

Smaller spaces lend themselves to more focused personal and small group training as a way to increase the revenue per class while larger spaces open up opportunities for zoning the floor plate into multiple training zones.  

A space without a considerable amount of natural light is only really suitable for a temporary set-up; while technology can be used to help clean the air in the gym, natural light is essential for the survival of most of the plants we like to work with so an underground space or one without any windows would be a deal-breaker. 


Rent for the right size space in a great location will be your biggest fixed cost so this is the most important number to pin down early, especially for financial planning. Consider ongoing utility costs and service charges too. Remember that most clients will live or work within a 15minute journey from the gym, whether that be by foot, train or car, so location is key. What is the mid-week and weekend footfall like outside? Do you have street level visibility? If not, you'll need to work hard at your marketing.


There are pros and cons to having a dedicated receptionist / admin person that we can easily talk you through. Consider your opening hours, the cost of employing somebody full-time versus as a freelancer, the cost of an accountant, somebody to answer customer emails in real time each day, strategize and deliver sales & marketing initiatives and so on.  


Consider a PR agency for brand building and awareness especially for the first 6-12 months around the launch, printing of promotional flyers and business cards, promotional Facebook ads, a modest Google Adwords budget for online visibility, promotional events or sponsorships, registering for ClassPass and other such app-based booking engines, coaches sales commissions etc.


Accountant fees, legal fees, ad hoc repairs, plant maintenance (they are living things), gym insurance, Customer Relationship Management software and credit card transaction fees should all be factored into your financial plan as well. Work out how much you need to budget for the above based on your local prices and add those numbers into your Operational Expenses spreadsheet.


Consider the costs of towel laundry, bathroom amenities and purchasing retail stock (for sale).


We recommend allowing at least 3-6 months to find a site, design its interiors and complete the fit-out, assuming all your legal docs and permits are already in place.