Matt Aspiotis Morley

Biofit's Founder is a qualified fitness instructor with over 20 years of experience as an amateur athlete, trail runner, swimmer, surfer, martial artist, yogi and 'mover'. Until recently however, fitness was more passion than occupation. 

For the past six years Matt has been Head of Marketing (2010-2014) & Brand Director (2014-today) of Porto Montenegro, a thriving residential and marina village on the Adriatic Coast where he led a 13-person team and managed a EUR 3 million annual budget to deliver over EUR 40 million in annual residential and marina sales.

He previously spent six years at Luxury Branding between London and Cape Town as a Strategist, working closely alongside company Chairman Piers Schmidt in advising the executive teams of Armani Hotels, Dorchester Collection, One&Only Resorts as well as numerous small and medium-sized businesses from the world of real estate, hospitality and wellness on their business and brand strategy. 

Matt was a member of the founding team behind the Southern Africa Luxury Association in 2010, Founding Editor of the Anglo-Russian lifestyle magazine V V from 2007-2012 and a regular commentator on hospitality, food and wellness for the likes of GQ magazine, Sleeper and How To Spent It South Africa (2001-2015). 

He is multi-cultural, speaks four European languages and have lived in London, Paris, Milan, Cape Town and Montenegro. 

An in-depth interview explaining the genesis of Biofit is available over in the Journal section here.