You’ll learn new movements (skill development), feel a sense of belonging (tribal) and be thoroughly engaged throughout (increasing your attention span)
— Healthy Living London


Real world fitness, as opposed to fitness on a mat or a machine, means becoming a generalist with a wide movement vocabulary. We want bodies that are ready for whatever life throws at them; typically that comes in awkward, organic and unexpected shapes. So we train for that, not for the mirrors.

Our skill-based classes cover movement & mobility, strength & stamina, play & fight techniques, incorporating both mindfulness and breath work. Everything is fully scalable for all ages and abilities.

Our approach is fun, engaging and inclusive, varying in intensity from easy to hard and slow to fast according to class type and clientele, the goal being to encourage some sort of daily movement practice with a view to long-term health. 


Movement: mid-pace & mid-intensity; focusing on quality of movements to develop agility, skill and confidence before adding load or reps in other classes; expand your movement vocabulary at your own speed; expect to roll, balance, hang and crawl 

Mobility: slow pace & low intensity; active flexibility work with a subtle strength component; expanding the body's range of motion to open up opportunities for more movement variety while developing a healthier spine, hips and joints

Strength: slow pace & high intensity; using body weight and added resistance, expect lots of isometric holds, plyometrics and low rep ranges using the rings, beams, ropes, parallettes and sandbags as well as challenging locomotion patterns

Stamina: fast pace & high intensity; bodyweight or light resistance only, high rep ranges, constantly varied movement-based interval training, expect to crawl, jump, sprint, practice get-ups, twists, shadow boxing and more

Play: mid-pace & mid-intensity; interactive partner and group work using balance beams, balls, ropes, gloves, pads and sticks to put a range of movement skills into action in dynamic, playful situations that reward a mindful, calm approach 

Fight: fast pace & high intensity; combat-inspired training to build confidence in the basics of striking and grappling as well as reaction times, spatial awareness, footwork, blocking and avoiding 


Are you looking to become a certified coach, train online with us or in person with one of our certified coaches in London, Barcelona and Calgary? If so we'd love to hear from you, reach out via the form below:

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