biofit nature gyms around the world

After creating our own pop-up showroom in London in January 2017, we designed a natural movement studio for Natural Way Chiropractor in Calgary that same year, then designed an indoor gym for the Karolinska Institute medical university in Sweden in January 2018, followed by an outdoor beach gym for the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club in July 2018. We are currently working on taking the Biofit concept into the African bush, right back where it belongs!



Porto Montenegro Yacht Club beach gym by biofit, Tivat, Montenegro

Our first permanent outdoor gym design, this waterfront beach gym and play area covers around 800 square metres with a bespoke wood perimeter fence and fine sand underfoot.

Features include a volleyball net / ball game area as well as a pull-up beam, lifting logs, agility ladder and pulley system all made by hand to our own specifications. 

Inspired by the nautical location, we commissioned a local shipwright to paint a kettlebell set in the yacht club colours, as well as to produce a set of dip bars and storage racks. 

Canvas sandbags, natural fibre battle ropes, slam balls, clubbells, skipping ropes and cork yoga mats complete the functional fitness equipment list. 



karolinska institutet indoor nature gym by biofit, stockholm, sweden

Officially opened in January 2018, the indoor gym space designed by biofit within the Health Promotion Unit at the Karolinska Institutet medical research university in Stockholm, Sweden has been created for maximum health benefits as a way to encourage students and staff to stay active and de-stress throughout the year.

Biophilia abounds with details such as air purifying plants; textured moss-like carpets made of 100% sustainable materials; bamboo camouflaged speakers; Japanese style kokedama moss balls; moss ceiling panels; a giant Swedish forest wall mural (with more moss); circadian lighting to improve mental acuity by day while not disrupting sleep after dark, and of course a capsule collection of carefully chosen sandbags, ropes, wall bars, push-up bars, medicine balls and workout toys to encourage movement based training.


natural movement studio by Biofit for Natural Way Chiro, calgary, canada

Designed by the biofit team, our Biofit Calgary studio within the new Natural Way Chiropractor building reunites indoor and outdoor worlds to create a minimalist training space that is truly in harmony with nature. The functional, healthy interiors are specifically designed to help improve mood, reduce stress levels and provide a greater sense of connection with nature.

The 500 sq. ft studio features over 120 air purifying plants, natural aromatherapy, circadian lighting to energise or calm according to the time of day, abundant natural daylight to support the plant life, an air humidifier to remove indoor air pollutants, strict non-VOC cleaning protocols, sound insulating sustainable cork wall panels, upcycled wood plant boxes and biofit's own acoustic music playlists.

A carefully curated collection of training equipment is made of natural materials such as wood, leather and cotton. Highlights include premium leather Bulgarian bags, a sustainable WaterRower, Nohrd wooden stall bars, natural fibre climbing rope and vintage leather head guards, boxing bag and medicine balls.


biofit organic gym, london, UK

In January 2017, after two years of research and development, we launched biofit onto the world stage by creating a showroom in London's prestigious Notting Hill district.

Showcasing our bespoke, hand-crafted wooden equipment, the 120sq.m space with 4m high ceilings and abundant natural light was designed by the Lily Jencks studio in London and featured a 7m x 4m forest wall mural, over 200 air-purifying plants suspended from the walls and three different flooring zones for stretching, strength work and movement.

Classes in Movement & Mobility, Strength & Stamina and Play & Fight techniques attracted over 250 clients in the first month, despite the freezing temperatures outside.