natural movement studio, natural way chiro, calgary, canada

This studio within the new Natural Way Chiropractor building reunites indoor and outdoor worlds to create a minimalist training space that is truly in harmony with nature.

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healthy interior design

The functional, healthy interiors are specifically designed to help improve mood, reduce stress levels and provide a greater sense of connection with nature.

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biophilic gym interiors

The 500 sq. ft studio features over 120 air purifying plants, natural aromatherapy, circadian lighting to energise or calm according to the time of day, abundant natural daylight to support the plant life, an air humidifier to remove indoor air pollutants, strict non-VOC cleaning protocols, sound insulating sustainable cork wall panels, upcycled wood plant boxes and biofit's own acoustic music playlists.


natural fitness equipment

A carefully curated collection of training equipment is made of natural materials such as wood, leather and cotton. Highlights include premium leather Bulgarian bags, a sustainable WaterRower, Nohrd wooden stall bars, natural fibre climbing rope and vintage leather head guards, boxing bag and medicine balls.