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We design our studios for maximum 'Vitamin N(ature)', ensuring each location benefits from the healing, restorative power of biophilic design combined with healthy design elements all of which helps reduce stress levels and improve mood, whilst clients workout. 

As far as we know this is a unique approach in the fitness industry - a deliberate effort to double down on the health benefits of a workout session, combining both movement / exercise and a functional environment with purified air, forest aromatherapy and the proven mental health benefits of natural surroundings. More info on our gym design services here.

An eco-friendly VALUE SYSTEM

We promote a deep respect for the natural world, offering clients a cohesive value system to connect with, whether they have an interest in outdoor sports, environmental causes or lifestyle choices such as vegan or Paleo diets. This strengthens the client <> gym relationship and reduces turnover rates.

We practice what we preach, designing gyms that respect both the natural environment and promote human health through direct interaction with nature, for us the two things represent a positive symbiotic relationship.

fun, accessible fitness

Our gyms promote skill-based and tech-free training, similar to a jungle gym for kids in many ways, meaning it is fully scalable for entry level clients right the way through to professional athletes looking to round out their specialist training with a wider movement vocabulary.

We can cater to kids and seniors, there are no mirrors in the gym and no judgements made inside. Those who turn up for training make progress, smile and sweat every darn day, it's as simple as that. An in-depth class review in Glamora magazine UK is online here.

a gym for the haters

Our biophilic green gym interiors stimulate the senses and can appeal to those who might otherwise shy away from a gym environment such as outdoor fitness enthusiasts or those who dislike the rows of heavy machinery and machismo many gyms still promote. We create a welcoming, inclusive vibe that offers a very different experience.

natural fitness classes

By including fast-mid-slow / heavy-mid-light classes in the weekly schedule, as well as a mix of cardio, weights, mobility and combat training equipment our nature gyms offer maximum opportunities for clients to use it as a one-stop shop for all their fitness needs, unlike specialist studios for example. The intention is that a Biofit gym is the only membership your clients will need, especially when combined with their preferred outdoor activities, which is where they will see the pay-off from training. More info on our classes here.

Premium gym pricing

Expert movement coaches with backgrounds in calisthenics, gymnastics, martial arts and sports science, combined with the added health benefits of Vitamin N(ature) in our green gym interiors and the unified aesthetic behind all of our equipment choices means that a biofit experience can command a price premium even while keeping upfront Capex costs down.

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