we offer bespoke, site-specific gym equipment packages adapted to your training requirements

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction
— Albert Einstein

gym equipment combining form and function

The choice of fitness equipment brands and their respective products is, for us, an integral part of the gym design process and a way to subtly incorporate biophilic patterns, organic materials, eco-friendly principles and that all important natural colour palette into the overall aesthetics of the training space.

Whether it be for an indoor fitness studio or outdoor jungle gym, we scour the world for the finest equipment available that meets our stringent criteria. We also like commissioning a handcrafted balance beam or wood pull-up bar from a local craftsman from time to time, just to mix things up.

biofit green gym equipment gym design.jpg

eco, organic & authentic principles

  • we use organic, non-toxic, natural materials wherever possible

  • we prioritise low-tech vs high-tech cardio machines to encourage mindful engagement during exercise

  • we commission certain pieces in wood from a local carpenter when required

  • we use tactile, fibrous materials that will develop the patina of age over time and repeated use


cardio gym equipment

In a dedicated natural movement studio where the focus is Small Group Training or Personal Training only, there is scope to leave out running machines, ellipticals, indoor cycles and rowers in favour of moveable equipment that takes up less floor space.

In a residential development, office, hotel, resort, university or private home context however, these machines are still the foundation stone of a biophilic gym set-up, we just choose our products very carefully based on the criteria outlined above.

strength training gym equipment

Alongside the cardio equipment, the strength zone is where most people will spend their typical 30-45minute session in the gym. When requested by the gym owner, we can select a space-saving multi-gym, squat rack and bench press from the likes of Technogym to ensure there is plenty on offer for more traditional gym users. There is great value to be had in the long-term from a premium set of dumbbells, barbells and weight plates too.

functional fitness gym equipment

For us, the real fun happens in the functional fitness training, where we piece together a collection of kettlebells, sandbags, climbing ropes, medicine balls, skipping ropes, punching bags, pull-up bars, balance beams, gymnastics rings, jump boxes and parallettes to encourage natural movement training with optional resistance.

movement & mobility gym equipment

An essential component in a natural fitness gym design, the studio space, no matter how small, is where we offer stretching bands, rollers, Swiss balls, wall bars and a myriad of other accessories to encourage stretching and mobility work, before and after a training session.

Natural movements such as crawling, hanging, jumping, hopping, rolling, balancing and throwing require very little equipment other than a suitably soft floor and an environment that encourages experimentation away from prying eyes.

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