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 biofit training method


Our proprietary method was devised as a fun, challenging but ultimately accessible way to bridge the gap between the gym and the physical realities of life outside, be it in everyday movements, sports, outdoor pursuits or ‘fight and flight’ situations.

What makes it ‘natural fitness’? Essentially we combine bodyweight moves such as crawls, rolls, get-ups and jumps with functional fitness fundamentals (push, pull, squat, lunge, twist) and movements inspired by real world activities, be it running, kickboxing, swimming or racquet sports. This is FITNESS however, we are working out, we sweat, train hard and explore our own limits.

Ideally we train outside in nature, or indoors in a green, biophilic environment with plants, natural light, fresh air and organic materials… but we’ll take whatever we can get! It’s movement that matters most.

We look for ways to train asymmetrically, deliberately using uneven loads, awkward foot positions and grips as well as interactive drills that encourage the body to explore its full movement vocabulary, especially when challenged by an external object or opponent.

By taking this more organic approach, additional elements of what is known as general physical preparedness (GPP) find their way into every session, such as hand-eye coordination, reaction times and grip strength. Watch our video below for more details…