gym interiors to bring the outside world in + natural fitness training for life outside


biofit’s natural fitness training method

Our proprietary fitness method and class concepts were devised as a fun, accessible way to bridge the gap between training in the gym and the reality of life outside.

We train asymmetrically, playing with uneven loads, foot positions and grips as well as interactive partner and group drills that encourage the body to explore its full movement vocabulary. 

By taking an organic approach, incorporating elements of agility and coordination into every session, we train both movements and muscles, both skill and sweat which delivers more bang for your buck.

movement practice

mid-pace & mid-intensity; focusing on quality of movements to develop agility, skill and confidence before adding load or reps in other class types; working on crawls, rolls, balancing, hanging, throwing, hopping, get-ups, core work, footwork and jumping techniques

mobility practice

slow pace & low intensity; active range of motion and flexibility work that develops new opportunities for movement while making for a healthier spine, hips, shoulders, ankles and wrists.

strength practice

slow pace & high intensity; using bodyweight and load where appropriate, combining isometric holds and low rep ranges for strength gains and hypertrophy, using rings, beams, ropes, parallettes and sandbags 

stamina practice

fast pace & high intensity; bodyweight or light resistance only, high rep ranges for cardiovascular endurance, featuring explosive plyometrics, interval training, flight-inspired sprints and fight-inspired shadow boxing.

To be ignorant of motion is to be ignorant of nature
— Aristotle