our gym design process

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our gym design team

We specialise in decorating and equipping biophilic health and fitness spaces, bringing in the necessary resources to adapt to each specific project but typically our team involves founder Matt Aspiotis Morley as the strategic lead and gym expert, an architect or interior designer and a landscape architect for all things plant related. So three key components in the gym design design team.

defining your gym concept

We work with each client to define their vision for the gym and training style, their proposed target market, review the offer of local competition and combine all of that information with our own expertise and insight. Crucially, each gym needs to adapt to the local context and of course to the expectations of the owner, whether a hotel, office or home gym, or a commercial fitness studio.

gym interior design deliverables

Once hired on a project, we deliver initial moodboards to establish the creative direction, materials and colour palette as well as a proposed floor plan. We will specify the type of flooring, lighting, any wallpaper & ceiling decorations, plant selection (including info on health benefits and maintenance) and wellness-technology (e.g. air purifiers).

gym equipment selection

We specify all the fitness equipment as part of this process - it is a big part of the overall aesthetics and training experience! Some elements may be commissioned locally with a carpenter (e.g. balance beam) but most will be bought from our network of trusted suppliers who share a similar ethos to our own.


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