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our gym design team

We specialise in decorating and equipping biophilic health and fitness spaces, bringing in the necessary resources to adapt to each specific project but typically our team involves founder Matt Aspiotis Morley as the strategic lead and gym expert, one of our interior architects / interior designers and our landscape architect for all things plant related.

Everything starts with an initial briefing call when we confirm that our services match your requirements and that both sides see synergies in the project; from there we offer three paths forward:

three service options

  1. gym design consultancy

  2. concept-level gym design

  3. full gym design

1: We act as your creative director, advising on how to choose materials, create training zones, select equipment and integrate healthy / biophilic design features into your future gym space. This is a 'light touch' option, you will need to do a lot of the work yourself or with local help from a project manager and/or general contractor to implement the ideas we generate in our consultancy efforts.

2: Based on your brief from an initial project kick-off call, we provide you with general eco-gym design recommendations, a moodboard for your gym interiors, a layout / floor plan, equipment zoning, wall decoration ideas and an equipment list (for procurement by you). This means many of the creative decisions are taken care of for you but the more technical design work such as an electricity / lighting plan, interior 3D sketches and gym equipment procurement is not included, unless otherwise agreed. This option may include a visit to the site of the new gym, if necessary. 

3: A 360-degree gym design solution, including all of Option 2 as well as detailed design drawings, lighting selection, furniture selection (e.g. reception desk or seating), a 3D sketch of the interior space, technical drawings and gym equipment procurement services. We become your interior architects / designers and will need to visit the site at the start of the project, with an optional second visit to oversee the fit-out and launch.

defining your gym concept

We work with you to define your vision for the gym and its particular training style, its target market, review the local competition and combine all of that information with our own expertise and insight to define a differentiated market positioning that will set your business apart from the crown.


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