indoor landscaping & plant plans for gyms

biophilic landscaping  

We offer a complete gym landscaping and plant selection service for each of our green nature gyms, whether an indoor fitness studio or outdoor jungle gym.

We prioritise air-purifying plant species and aim to integrate as many low maintenance elements of live biophilia as possible, from planter boxes to living walls, moss walls and more on the basis that a gym must function first and foremost as a place of movement and human health, with plants playing an important yet supporting role, incorporating nature back into the fitness experience.

For us, the combination of a healthy, natural space in which to workout while breathing pure air and benefiting from the presence of nature even when indoors, simply adds an extra layer of health and wellness to gym offer, who wouldn’t want that?

plant plans for extra biophilia

You will receive detailed plant plans with species specific buying lists that can then be sent to a local plant supplier, who may well be the best person to approach for a monthly plant health check-up once the nature gym is up and running. These plans show exactly where each plant is to be placed, based on our thinking that combines factors such as available light, watering requirements, growth potential and which plants like to be neighbours (yes, it’s a thing).

plant species for minimum maintenance

Our preference is for hardy, air-purifying plants that will not require excessive watering and are likely to survive indoors all year with a weekly dose of water and a monthly check-up from a gardener with green fingers. Ultimately, the gym needs to deliver a great workout so we recognise that plants are a secondary concern, we therefore aim to make them as hassle-free to maintain as possible.

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