The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is one of the primal lifestyle scene's outliers, if such a thing is possible. A successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, he has essentially applied his tech developer mindset to diet in order to come up with a series of 'biohacks' designed to maximise health and wellbeing with the minimum of fuss.

Many of us have heard of the bulletproof coffee concept of blending grass-fed, organic butter and organic coconut oil into fresh filter coffee to create a creamy, frothy caffeine and healthy fat hit. Asprey, seemingly the drink's main proponent, has taken his morning cup of Joe to extreme levels of detail insisting on 100% mold-free beans and a coconut oil isolate called MCT oil. Drink that each morning, the theory goes, and you'll be satisfied and buzzing until lunchtime.

Not being a strict paleo believer, yet broadly following its 'healthy fats, protein and veg are good / sugars and empty carbs are bad' stance he then applies this philosophy to his own obsession with weight loss and avoiding the consumption of anything that might cause the slightest negative reaction in his body.

Worth a read but probably only a quick one unless you suffer from similar levels of food sensitivity as Asprey himself.

DietMatt Morley