Unlocking the Ancestral Code by Edward Wilson

The question is this: is 500 generations enough time for our minds and bodies to adapt to the new environment we are in?

Not to be confused with the man who coined the term 'biophilia' - a certain E.O. Wilson - this Edward Wilson is a pragmatic and intensely curious modern-day writer, martial artist and academic. Adding further confusion, there are two versions of this book, a shorter abridged one for entry level readers and an extended version called Dimensions in Ancestral Health. For all but the most dedicated of primal lifestyle enthusiasts, the former will do fine.

Wilson's main stance is that of a critical yet generally supportive view of the paleo philosophy, yet he clearly abhors the dogma that comes with it so proceeds to push and prod it in front of the reader to extract its 'controversies and applications', as suggested in the book's subtitle.

There are some inspired suggestions in here, especially in terms of training and the avoidance of modern-day gym environments that deliberately set out to ensure a workout is as comfortable as possible. Wilson is about getting back to basics and that means taking a conscious step away from most cookie cutter modern gyms in favor of something closer to an evolutionarily authentic environment - as green, natural and imperfect as possible. Basically, that's the brief for a Biofit Studio right there.

Highly recommended reading.

TrainingMatt Morley