porto montenegro yacht club, beach gym, tivat, montenegro


Outdoor gym design

Our first permanent outdoor gym design, this waterfront beach gym and play area at the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club on the Adriatic Coast covers around 800 square metres with a bespoke wood perimeter fence and fine sand underfoot.

The gym is open every spring to autumn.


natural gym equipment

Inspired by the nautical location, we commissioned a local shipwright to paint a kettlebell set in the yacht club colours, as well as to produce a set of dip bars and storage racks.

Canvas sandbags, natural fibre battle ropes, slam balls, clubbells, skipping ropes and cork yoga mats complete the functional fitness equipment list.

Features include a volleyball net / ball game area as well as a pull-up beam, lifting logs, agility ladder and pulley system all made by hand to our own specifications.