Gym Revenues


monthly gym memberships

When functioning as a standalone gym, a Biofit designed space can compete with the best of them thanks to a range of eco cardio equipment, free weights, calisthenics areas and dedicated movement and mobility zones, ensuring a client can sign-up for ongoing monthly memberships and know they have a complete health and fitness solution in their hands. We believe this concept warrants a price premium as well.

Group fitness classes

Group classes of up to 16 pax can either be sold in multi-packs (5, 10, 25, 50) or as packs of monthly memberships (1,2,3,4, unlimited visits per week). If we train your coaching team before opening you may also use our natural fitness class concepts (more info here and a full press review of a movement and mobility class here).


When priced correctly, and with the coaching team sufficiently incentivised to sell, one-on-one sessions can be a high-value addition to monthly revenue, often fitting in around peak group classes times. If space allows they can also be delivered at the same time as a group class.


An often neglected sales model, SGT splits the difference between group and personal training, offering an opportunity for friends, couples or those simply with a shared interest in developing a specialist skill to train together each week. They pay less than a PT session but more than a group class.


Weekend workshops are ideal for filling the gym or studio during periods when it might otherwise be under-used, for example in a commercial office area on a Saturday. Visiting fitness experts can command a price premium while biofit workshops and certificates offer a chance for clients to deep-dive into the training method, more info on that here.


We work with animals... and kids! The former tend to have no problem keeping fit however so we focus on the little ones that need encouragement to move in a fun, non-judgmental and non-competitive environment. Partner games and interactive play is the key to getting even "unsporty" kids moving.   


Our Seniors program focuses on key functional skills adapted for a more mature audience, assuming a likelihood of limited mobility, a lack of cardio and bone density. We explore balance, purposeful play and a range of light resistance exercises to develop that all important bone density and just the right amount of strength in a light-hearted and restorative setting.


Healthy, 100% natural drinks and snacks, even meals, can be a great addition to the front desk of a Biofit designed gym. A couple of fridges and a prep area are usually all that is needed, with the option of either selling pre-made drinks with a short shelf life, or investing in a couple of commercial kitchen grade blenders and extending the offer to include a bespoke mix of plant-based bio-hacks into the smoothie menu too.

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