biophilic gyms & natural fitness

design • coaching • licenses


indoor nature gyms

In urban locations we purify the gym's air with plants and a non-toxic material policy, add healthy negative ions via forest aromatherapy; use circadian lighting to energise by day without disturbing sleep after dark, and incorporate natural colours, visuals and materials for the full health benefits of biophilia. 


vitamin nature

the innate health benefits of contact with the natural world


outdoor nature gyms

Training outside means the biophilia is already present, our focus therefore shifts to the gym equipment and training offer. One step closer to moving in the wild, these gyms combine a direct connection with the elements, the convenience of a full range of equipment and on-site coaching.


raw, honest materials

  reconnect with the organic & tactile


bespoke equipment

We use sandbags, beams, ropes, balls and hand-weights sourced from trusted suppliers or commission larger pieces from local carpenters. Focusing on sustainable wood, bamboo, cotton and rubber in our equipment choices means complete harmony between our aesthetics and value system.  


fundamental  movements

building strong, lean & agile bodies ready for whatever life throws at them


class concepts

Real world fitness, as opposed to fitness on a mat or a machine, means becoming a generalist with a wide movement vocabulary. Our classes in Strength, Stamina, Movement & Mobility are playful, engaging and inclusive, varying in intensity from easy to hard and slow to fast. 


multi-sensory design

the intrinsic purity of indigenous herbs, oils & music


groups & workshops

From bespoke classes, to corporate workshops and team-building sessions, we have previously delivered classes for up to 25 people and hosted corporate away days in our facilities for businesses both large and small.


wellness lighting

align with the body's circadian rhythm