Biofit is an organic gym that combines the wellness benefits of 'biophilic', nature-inspired design, with a proprietary natural fitness method and handcrafted equipment made of natural materials.

We provide gym design services; select, source and supply the equipment, and train coaches in the Biofit method to deliver a full turnkey solution for our affiliate gyms.

Winner of the 2016 New Concept Award at the FIBO Global Fitness Fair with Deloitte.



Our organic gym concept harnesses the proven wellbeing benefits of “Vitamin N(ature)” by bringing the outside world in to create a nourishing indoor oasis that reduces stress and boosts productivity for users while providing its owners with a unique value-add. We have our own design team that can conceptualize and deliver a gym project through from start to finish or we collaborate with your local architects on office, residential and hotel gym commissions.

If you are bored of your normal gym experience I fully recommend Biofit for a transformational new approach.
— Chris N-B, London


Real world fitness, rather than fitness on a gym mat or machine, means becoming a generalist with a wide movement vocabulary and a strong, lean and supple body ready for whatever life throws at it. Our skill-based coaching teaches Movement & Mobility, Strength & Stamina, Play & Fight techniques in a fun, engaging and inclusive format. Intensity varies from easy to hard, slow to fast with a view to long-term health. We currently coach in London and online via Skype, helping clients move as nature intended. No bicep curls or step machines involved.

You promised smiles, sweat and weird and wonderful stretches and delivered 110%.
— James H, London


At its most basic Biofit training requires no gym equipment and can be performed indoors or out... but when it comes to creating the ideal training facility we prefer to make our own kit. Handmade by craftsmen using natural materials, each piece of premium, all-weather equipment facilitates as many movements as your imagination allows. We launched with the timber collection then followed that with a range of waxed cotton sandbags and kickpads with leather handles. Our solid oak push-up bars are just around the corner now too...

Had an amazing Biofit session, absolutely loved doing it barefoot and definitely felt the post workout goodness afterwards.
— Omi D, London


Modern day fitness has lost its way, we believe in training for movement & muscles, skill & sweat, quality & quantity... not one or the other
— Biofit's Founder, Matt Aspiotis Morley