organic fitness

biophilic gyms • natural movement

upcoming events


tuesdays all summer 2018

biofit X Second Home Lisboa, the world's most biophilic coworking space hosts our Fight Club class all summer! Members only.


natural  movement

building strong, lean & agile bodies ready for the great outdoors


indoor gym design

In urban locations we combine natural, healthy and sustainable design principles to create gym spaces that are toxin-free, with plant purified air, circadian rhythm lighting and plenty of biophilia in the form of natural colours, textures, shapes and materials. And plants, many plants.


vitamin nature

the innate health benefits of contact with the natural world


outdoor gym design

Training outside means the nature / biophilia is already present, our focus therefore shifts to the gym equipment, layout and natural movement training on offer. One step closer to natural or 'wild' fitness, these outdoor gyms offer a direct connection to the elements without compromising on convenience. Be it a beach gym, bush gym or forest gym, we can create it! 


honest materials

  reconnect with the organic & tactile


gym equipment

We source and commission everything from sandbags, to ropes, medicine balls, weights, jump boxes, agility ladders, lifting logs, kettlebells, yoga mats, dip bars and pull-up bars. Our focus is on FSC wood, sustainable bamboo, canvas, cork, stone and natural rubber to ensure complete harmony between our aesthetic choices and our earth-friendly value system.  


multi-sensory design

the intrinsic purity of indigenous herbs, oils & music


natural fitness

Real world fitness, as opposed to fitness on a mat or a machine, means becoming a generalist with a wide movement vocabulary. Our proprietary class concepts cover Strength, Stamina, Movement & Mobility. They are playful, engaging and inclusive, varying from easy to hard and slow to fast. 


wellness lighting

gym interiors in tune with the body's daily rhythm


groups & workshops

From talks, to corporate workshops and team-building sessions, we have previously delivered classes for up to 25 people, hosted corporate away days and presented to rooms of 200 people.