Green Exercise

During our 4-week showroom in January 2017, we commissioned the UKActive Research Institute to carry out the world’s first scientific research study into “indoor green exercise”


 Vitamin Nature

In January 2018 we collaborated with leading London property developer EcoWorld Ballymore on a research project at its flagship Wardian London development in Canary Wharf to explore the impact of indoor environments maximized for Vitamin Nature on psychological wellbeing through biophilic design.


 We used a waterfront greenhouse full of air purifying plants, an abundance of natural light, wellness lighting for the dark winter afternoons, pine forest aromatherapy, mindfulness games, biofit's acoustic music and nature sound playlists, as well as a de-humidifier to boost air quality and improve thermal comfort.


Biophilia Research

Learn more about the impact of green buildings on cognitive function, google's and amazon’s biophilic offices, value add of biophilic design in hospitality context.