Research project into health benefits of nature spaces in urban environments

In late January 2018, Biofit Health & Fitness is collaborating with leading London property developer EcoWorld Ballymore on a research project in the densely urban Canary Wharf district to explore the impact of exposure to indoor nature spaces on personal wellbeing.

The waterfront Wardian Case has been designed along nature-inspired, biophilic design principles by the biofit team for maximum Vitamin Nature benefits. Guests will experience an abundance of natural light, air purifying plants, circadian lighting, forest aromatherapy, acoustic world music and other health-oriented design touches. Cumulatively, these elements are expected to deliver a feeling of restored energy, calmness and focus; perfect for tackling the urban jungle outside.

A survey created by scientists from the University of Essex, including Dr Mike Rogerson and Professor Jules Pretty OBE, will assess the benefits of exposure to this environment via a short pre- and post-visit questionnaire. The study will look at mood, stress levels and mental acuity, with the results to be published nation-wide in late Q1 of 2018.

Local residents and professionals are invited to reserve their place for an hour of quiet contemplation, a refreshing dose of ‘biophilia’ (nature contact) or a creative brainstorming session from 22 January to 2 February 2018, Monday to Friday, between 10am-6pm by emailing (appointments will be made on a first come-first served basis).

The Wardian Case @ Ballymore, 76 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SL (adjacent to South Quay DLR)


Nature DesignMatt Morley