Carl Paoli's free+style book review

Spanish-American gymnast, CrossFit San Francisco coach, internet sensation and now author Carl Paolo is in the mix with Kelly Starrett, Rafe Kelley and other great movers over on the American West Coast who are riding a wave of interest in skilled movement. This book is not small, nor is it cheap, so consider it as more of an investment in a text book that you'll need to refer to time and again as you gradually move through the various progressions in Paoli's free+style four: the pistol squat, the handstand push-up, the muscle-up and the burpee. His concept is, if you can master all four of those movements they will stand you in good stead for any other activity you choose to pursue outside of the gym too, effectively bulletproofing your body for whatever life throws at it. Recommended reading for all bodyweight strength and mobility enthusiasts.

TrainingMatt Morley