Biofit and the WELL Building Standard


WELL Building Standard background

An evolution of green building standards such as LEED, the increasingly popular WELL Building Standard from Delos identifies 100 performance metrics, design strategies and policies that can be implemented across a building to have a positive impact on the health and wellness of its occupants. 

WELL is complimentary to other, more environmentally-oriented standards and in many instances directly overlaps as a nature-first approach is also inherently healthy for humans; the emphasis however is simply skewed towards the occupants rather than the environment. 

biofit gyms and the WELL Building Standard

We created Biofit as a sustainable, natural gym concept inspired by healthy design principles, therefore placing it firmly in line with both approaches. As the company’s Founder is currently studying to become a WELL Accredited Professional and DELOS is believed to be working on a Pilot Program for Exercise Facilities, we have cross-referenced a typical biofit gym design with each of the Standard’s seven categories to identify the common ground. 

In summary, a total of 32 items from Air, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind are covered by our core gym product (shown in standard font below) while the addition of a health bar or retail fridge at the gym reception would help tick off an additional 18 from the Water and Nourishment sections (shown in italics below).

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biofit gyms and the WELL Standard matrix.jpg
biofit gyms and the WELL Standard matrix 2.jpg
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