Home gym equipment packages


Creating a home gym has numerous advantages, not least the ease and convenience of having your own training facility, no matter how small, on tap, ready for use whenever time allows.

Beyond that however, creating a dedicated space for your training regime at home opens up opportunities to curate the experience, reflecting your own personal tastes in training style, decor and equipment.

We offer a complete home gym design service and equipment packages, whether it be a 15sqm room or a 200sqm garden, each tailored to your specific training style and preferences.

Designing a green eco gym at home

When designing with sustainability in mind, we consider not just the type of training a home gym is intended for, and therefore the type of equipment required, but also what that equipment is made from, where it is made and whether it has a natural aesthetic. We also integrate eco-friendly flooring and/or mats using cork, eco-rubber and in some instances even authentic Japanese tatami made from rice straw!

Eco-friendly cardio machines at home

There are now various options when it comes to cardio machines, from sustainable wood rowing machines to manually powered treadmills and electricity-generating, eco-friendly elliptical cross-trainers.

Manual treadmills in particular have become an increasingly common site in commercial gyms of late, with Woodway’s Curve competing with the Nohrd Sprintbok and Technogym Skillmill for the top spot.

These can be a drain on budget however, especially a treadmill that typically costs between Eur 10,000 - Eur 15,000 for a new model, while spin bikes and rowers are priced around Eur 3000.

Choosing free weights for your home gym

Depending on your budget, a number of design-led options are on offer when it comes to choosing a set of dumbbells for a home gym. Firstly though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a standard set of ‘hex’ dumbbells, ranging from 2kg for lighter mobility drills and shadow boxing for example, right the way up to 30kg + depending on your strength and size. These are low cost options of around Eur 500 - Eur 1000. Such weights are a staple of every home gym and will likely be a foundation stone in your workouts now and forever. For some people therefore, there is no need to look any further.

upgrading your home gym weights

For those with an eye for design and space in their home gym budget to upgrade, we start to see a more refined aesthetic come into play, with sustainable walnut wood finishes, high-grade stainless steel metal and artisanal craftsmanship.

Here we typically recommend choosing specific weights rather than simply buying the whole rack, partly to save space in your home gym but also for budget efficiencies. By way of indication, Hock Design’s LOFT dumbbells retail for Eur 500 > Eur 1000 a pair.

Functional fitness equipment for a home gym

According to your preferences, the equipment here will likely lead us to a rig and both a 10kg short and 20kg long Olympic bar, a full set of high-spec weight plates, a hex bar and some suitably hard-wearing, sound-absorbing gym flooring panels underfoot.

Throw in some tough medicine balls, a mobility ball, sandbag, skipping rope and a few kettlebells or swingbells in your preferred weights, and you’re good to go. These items are also the most cost efficient budget wise, allowing for endless training options and movements, we recommend making them the focus of most of our nature gym designs in fact.

Martial arts equipment for a home gym

In this category we would include a vintage leather Bulgarian bag in two different weights for a variety of functional movements, swings and lifts. A 4ft or 5ft vintage leather boxing bag personalized with your name embossed on one side as well as matching pair of pad gloves and a medicine ball for core work. A pair of push-up bars for those all important chest strength movements so popular in Oriental martial arts schools and a high-spec leather / walnut wood skipping rope complete the set. Then all you need are some traditional Japanese rice grass tatami mats under foot for the full experience!

home gym mobility equipment

No serious gym set-up would be complete today without a generous allowance for active recovery, mobility training, self-myofascial release and basic stretching, yoga, pilates and other ground-based flexibility practices.

We favour an extra thick eco-rubber yoga mat, a variety of foam rollers in different lengths and hardnesses, if possible a pair of wall bars for hanging and shoulder / upper back stretches, a set of resistance bands and of course an eco-leather mobility ball.

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