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The paleo path

Navigating a path between the contemporary world and an evolution friendly, paleo or primal approach to health can be a genuine challenge. How far do we each let this philosophy into our lives and at what point does it lead us back into the forest to live in a treehouse?

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Take for example the issue of cleaning one's hair. Exactly how long do you think we have been washing and conditioning daily with such a complex set of ingredients made by giant corporations a long way from home? How far back in your family history do you need to go before there is no such thing as hot running water, let alone bottled shampoo?

Ancestral health

Where you draw the line between a purist ancestral health lifestyle and following the established rules of mainstream society is of course up to you but here is one brand designed to make the decision-making much easier:

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Healthy dirt

Mother Dirt have carved out a niche for themselves promoting the idea of healthy dirt; i.e. the concept that not all dirt is created equal and in fact some of it is essential to the healthy functioning of our skin's biome (its living ecosystem).

Barefoot lifestyle

Going outside to play barefoot in the garden each day would ensure we had countless naturally occurring bacteria on our hands and feet, the type we need to keep a balanced and healthy skin but how many people do that on a regular basis? Of those that do, how many then have to wash their hands and feet in order to go about their daily lives without being taken for someone with cleanliness issues?

It is that zealous washing with chemical-infused soaps, shower gels and shampoos that further reduces the quantities of good bacterial on our skin, further exacerbating the issue.

Outdoor fitness benefits

This is yet another reason why training outdoors in a biofit style nature gym, park, beach or garden is a healthier option than a standard indoor gym with dubious cleaning policies and more metal and plastic inside than most scrapyards would know what to do with.

Mother Dirt products are designed to clean your skin and hair while still allowing your skin biome to stay healthy and balanced. We're currently testing out their Shampoo and have had positive results so far; next up we'll be ordering their AO Mist with Ammonia-Oxidising Bacteria (AOB) that looks to be the star product in the range at present (see video below for an explanation of how that works).

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