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our natural fitness course is now live!

We have just launched our first online course aimed at amateurs, fitness coaches and personal trainers looking to deepen their knowledge of natural fitness through Movement + Mobility + Strength + Stamina training. Based around 80 key moves divided into four modules, with a Methodology module at the start and a Class Craft module at the end.


interior designers - boutique gyms & studios

We design boutique gyms, fitness studios and wellness facilities with soul, it’s that simple. No matter if it is in a hotel, residential building, office or retail location. We have previously delivered projects in North America, Africa and Europe from our bases in London, UK and Barcelona, Spain.


Eco gym, Stockholm, Sweden

organic gym, london, uK

Natural fitness studio, calgary, canada



Outdoor gym design

beach gym, porto montenegro, montenegro

beach gym, porto montenegro, montenegro


When designing outdoor gyms, be they beach gyms or jungle gyms, our focus shifts to the gym equipment, layout and type of fitness training on offer, as well as any other facilities such as beach volley areas, fitness trails or kids areas. Our outdoor gym designs offer a direct connection to the elements without compromising on convenience.



Gym & fitness equipment

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sourcing, commissioning & procuring

Wellness facility interior design is nothing without the right type of equipment so we source or commission everything you need. From functional fitness, to cardio, natural movement, strength training, mobility and mind-body yoga studios. Our network of international suppliers and artisan brands gives us a unique perspective. Eco-friendly cardio machines? No problem. Natural leather boxing bags? We know who to call.


OUR natural fitness METHOD

Real world fitness, as opposed to fitness on a mat or a machine, means becoming a generalist with a wide movement vocabulary. It can be fun, interactive and playful even while pushing our mental limits. We train hard with a mix of animal movement, functional patterns and combat style drills, alongside running and swimming.


our training is divided into movement, mobility, strength and stamina sessions. You will crawl, run, jump, roll, lift, throw, squat, push, pull, strike and defend… because daily life is full of curveballs.