gyms with benefits

Our biophilic gym designs are geared for maximum 'Vitamin Nature' benefits to ensure a nourishing training environment in harmony with nature, perfectly suited to a standalone fitness studio concept just as well as hotel, office and residential facilities. 

Indoors we use air-purifying plants; forest aromatherapy; circadian lighting to energize by day and improve sleep after dark; prioritize sustainable, non-toxic and organic materials and incorporate as much natural colour, greenery and visuals as possible.

Outdoors we first create distinct training zones, commission local craftsmen to make equipment and storage shelving, and integrate any natural features in the landscape wherever possible,

Our design team can conceptualize and deliver a gym design project from start to finish, whether indoor or outdoor, from 50 sqm > 1000 sqm. We can either work alongside a local architect on a new-build or inherit a blank canvas 'shell & core' in which to implement our organic gym designs.


guiding principles

  • Air-purifying plants & humidifiers
  • Natural colours, textures & visuals
  • Natural light & circadian wellness lighting
  • Energising aromatherapy
  • Sustainable, non-toxic materials
  • Acoustic music playlists
  • Premium branded or handmade equipment

  • A low-tech, high-touch environment

  • Indigenous plants & materials 

  • Tactile, fibrous & imperfect finishes

  • A space that encourages mindful engagement