Coach Sveto Dekovic

Montenegro-based Sveto Dekovic is an ex-European Kickboxing champion with over a decade of experience running his own fitness business and Kyokushin karate school in his home town of Tivat on the Adriatic Coast, which is also home of the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club outdoor gym designed by Biofit.

A Third Dan black belt, Sveto has been heavily influenced by the Japanese fighting concepts of honour, fearlessness and resilience in the face of adversity. As such, he still trains several times per day, despite having retired from competitive fighting, and is well known both for his technical kickboxing sessions but also his endless variety of full-body strength and stamina workouts that burn fat and build lean muscle for his clients.

Sveto has been the striking coach of Biofit’s Founder Matt Aspiotis Morley for the past eight years and is now representing the company in Montenegro. A recent partnership with the Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel on a fitness package sees Sveto delivering 1hr of mobility + 1hr strength training for guests of the 5* Regent Hotel. “Oss!”

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