Our gym interior design process / Part 1


Designing a biophilic gym or natural fitness studio

Are you interested in owning a sustainable, green eco gym similar to our existing Biofit spaces? Are you unsure of how to make your dream a reality in your home gym, office gym, hotel gym, university gym or even outdoor fitness trail?

No matter what adjectives we use to describe your specific project, our process as gym designers remains largely the same, so here is a short summary of how it all goes down for those with more questions than answers. Don’t worry, it can all be very daunting, we know, but we are here to make it all go smoothly!

For a top-line summary of our gym design services, see here. For a more detailed description of the process, read on below..

These are the key inputs needed before we start the creative work / design process:

Your Vision for the Gym

What is your vision for the gym personally in terms of interior design and format, training style, pricing / market positioning and any specific services such as a health bar at reception or a sauna in the changing areas? Are you building an inclusive, family-friendly facility for the local community or a premium concept for high-flying professionals in the neighborhood? That distinction makes a big difference in terms of how we spec the interiors. Do you have any gym concepts or interior design examples from other sectors that inspire you style-wise, for example from hotels or restaurants?

Your Gym Clients

Who are your customers going to be, why will they want to use this new gym and make the switch from their existing arrangement elsewhere in your opinion? How and when do you expect your future clients to workout? What type of equipment will they use in a typical session? What type of group class might they sign up for? What facilities might they expect from their gym and how much of a premium will they be prepared to pay for them based on your understanding of the local market?

Your Local Gym Market

What is your competition doing locally by way of gym design, fitness training, gym pricing and other health related services such as juice bars, contrast bathing facilities, healthy meal boxes and branded merchandise? Do all of your competitors in the area offer full shower and changing areas? Are any of them doing massage or other body treatments alongside the fitness component?

Your Gym’s Site

What features does your site have that may guide us in our design process? For example is it in a commercial district downtown surrounded by high-rise towers of office workers, or beside a large park in a leafy suburb? Does the site have natural light sources, high ceilings, exposed ceiling beams or plenty of footfall traffic right outside the front door?

Your Gym Team

Who is on your team today and who do you plan to bring along for the ride as the business prepares for launch? For example, do you have a specific contractor or project manager in mind, or a brand of fitness equipment you would like us to work with (such as Technogym or SportsArt)?

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