gym equipment

we provide bespoke GYM EQUIPMENT PACKAGES for gyms, fitness studios & health clubs


gym equipment PACKAGES

We specialise in producing one-off editions for the gyms we design, whether it be a lifting log or parallette bars as well as select off-the-shelf products from our network of trusted suppliers around the world who share our value system and deliver premium quality built to last.

Why does this matter? Our aim is to ensure a cohesive experience that integrates the type of fitness training on offer and the equipment used in that training with the gym concept.

We like to use ropes, sandbags, punching bags, beams, logs, balls and free weights as well as cardio machinery such as treadmills, rowers, bikes and cross-trainers.

So whether it be for an indoor fitness studio, outdoor gym or hotel gym, we guarantee a bespoke selection of the finest equipment available that meets our stringent criteria of form and function.

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