Nohrd natural gym equipment review


In our ongoing quest to find suitably natural or 'biophilic' gym equipment for our Biofit natural gyms, the annual ritual of visiting fitness expos such as FIBO in Germany can be a fairly depressing experience dominated by high-tech fitness gadgets and get-fit-quick miracle machines.

Comparatively little space is given over to functional movements, bodyweight training and natural fitness gyms; a reminder that the industry is still dominated by muscle and booty rather than movement and mobility.

Nohrd natural fitness equipment

One brand repeatedly restores our faith in the industry however; Nohrd is that rare combination of functionality, aesthetics and natural materials.

eco gym designers biofit  nohrd waterrower.jpg

WaterRower natural rowing

Many will have seen these Nohrd / WaterRower machines made of sustainably sourced food frames and boasting a water-filled tub that provides the user with a realistic level of water resistance as well as the satisfying, biophilic sounds of water flowing by their feet.

Sustainable wood gym equipment

The Nohrd range extends well beyond the rower though, with a growing collection of sustainably sourced wood and leather gym equipment designed for both home and commercial use. 

eco gym designers  BioFit-nature-gym-stockholm-nohrd.jpg

We chose the sturdy Nohrd walnut brown wall bars in the Biofit gym we designed for Natural Way Chiropractic in Calgary and the Karolinska Institutet medical university in Stockholm.

The ideal eco gym weights

The Nohrd 'swing bells' are neat leather pouches filled with between 2kg and 8kg of metal pellets, an ergonomic wooden handle and two wooden rack options, either standing upright on the floor or wall-mounted. 

eco gym designers biofit Nohrd swing.jpg

Ideal for indoor use in a high-end home gym or indeed commercial gym, they make an attractive addition to the usual rack of dumbbells as well as a genuine alternative to iron kettle bells in the under 10kg range. 

In our very own Biofit gym at our dream home we would have the 2kg, 4kg, 6kg and 8kg Swing bells in walnut alongside customized competition kettle bells from 10kg through to 32kg that have been re-painted in khaki beige or forest green!

natural wood indoor cycle

Looking ahead, Nohrd's latest piece of natural fitness equipment is a wooden-clad indoor bike that boosts the brand's cardio credentials considerably, leaving just the treadmill and perhaps an elliptical to come in future, one would imagine?

eco gym designers biofit nohrd-bike-spinning.jpg

On a recent trial of the new indoor bike in London, we were impressed by its looks and found it to be a comfy ride with solid mechanics; it does not have the technical feedback offered by a WattBike display, nor the seeming invincibility of an all-metal spin studio bike. It's niche then is likely to be home gym use, thanks to its aesthetics. 

The prototype we trialled did not have a basic monitor for elapsed time and distance, a basic requirement, although we are told this will be available in due course. An iPad holder does give users the option to engage with their own media device, if they choose, however which seems like a sensible approach to the conundrum of gyms helping desk-bound office workers to stay fit while sitting on a bike looking at a screen.

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